I dedicate the first post of my website to my Father who has contributed to a large extent in my life. My Father was not only just a bread winner of the family, but He ensures that our life was made easier every moment of the way.

He is the same man who will break my lips with a mere slap (the few times I deserved it) and the same man who will tie my shoe laces for me, who will occasionally comb my long hair because I did not want to deal with it, who will wake up at 4 a.m in the morning to drop me at my tuition, who will wait for me at 8 p.m outside of the university library to take me home, who will take care of me when I am sick, who will be by my side every fight I was taking (hell there have been many).

My Father called me Lezar Grillé lor Plafond (Grilled Lizard on the Roof), because I am thin and have high melanin skin. And I called him Matoo.

He looked more like me when His soul left His body.

Yes, it was such a painful way for him to pass on to the other side and I want to believe in my heart that there is a good valid reason to that. I think about him a lot and I also know that He shall remains in my memory forever.

My Father was the Director of my company and He always executed his job in the most diligent manner. I really appreciate everything this Man has done for me.

He was somehow my best friend during my travels. We became so close despite being miles and miles away from one another, we connected on a deeper level and at times the conversations we were having were beyond a father-daughter talk but more a friend to friend talk. We were always advising each other, pulling out each other’s darkness, understanding why each of us behave the way we do.

I would have love to explore this deeper but the universe had other plans.

I am really grateful to have grown up by side of this genuine little fella.